A smart object and a fun way to reduce power consumption while using computers

A good way to shift behaviors


This project was conducted for my thesis research during a six-month internship at User Studio, Paris.

The main goal of the experiment was to change people way of seeing and understanding their power consumption while using computers. For that, I have imagined a system giving us some feedback depending on our personal use. Based on a contextual help, gamification and social interaction, the Okia gives us the capability to act for good !


How does it work ?


This tool is composed of two distinct elements: an app, running in the background, computing and transmitting data to the second part, the Okia, a small wooden compass to put on our desk. The Okia show us, in a tangible but subtle way, the consumption data. The app' also get data from other users of our entourage, in addition to our own computer, then it defines what is the average consumption of our group, and indicates us when we are above or below.

To show us that, the Okia, disposed on the desk, or near the computer, shakes and leans to the right or left. It can even get all shaky when we are way to far from the average consumption, and has different features, making it possible to indicate when we react properly and when we are doing wrong it gives us help.

The help, given through the app' when we touch the Okia comes from other users. It works in two ways: one let us interact directly with someone who already solved our issue, the other one letting us look for a collection of shared experiences. The human factor is over important, it will push us to get better, and for that we implemented some kind of grade challenge, making us able to compete against other member to be the one saving a lot of electricity ! It also help to identify lead users capable of giving us advices. 

Fun and smart, as told !


Finally, the app' gives the users a good way to act on the power consumption while bringing people together and using collective intelligence without blaming someone who won't act. It keeps tracks of the real savings made at a group level, thus collective efforts are enhanced and valued, and help people to fix their own objectives and progress by themself as well  !